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EMI-85 Mesh Copper Grid PET Film

EMI-85 Mesh Copper Grid PET Film

    • EMI-85 Mesh Copper Grid PET Film
    • EMI-85 Mesh Copper Grid PET Film
  • EMI-85 Mesh Copper Grid PET Film

    Product Details:

    Place of Origin: China
    Model Number: EMI-85 Mesh

    Payment & Shipping Terms:

    Minimum Order Quantity: 50sheets
    Price: USD72/sheet
    Packaging Details: Export Carton
    Payment Terms: T/T, Western Union,Paypal
    Supply Ability: 40000Sheets per month
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    Detailed Product Description
    Type: Without Adhesive Size: 550*1050mm


    Metal Mesh PET Film



    Metal Mesh Film Applications:

    Almost in all require shielding and transparent area

    •glass shield for shielding room,computer room, laboratory, instrumentation windows.

    •monitors and touch screen for Shielded room, computer room, laboratory and other electronics products.

    •defense-related facilities and equipment.

    •Phone screen shielding.

    •excellent transparent EMI shielding film for LCD,precise instruments,military,hospital scanning house etc.


    Metal Mesh Film Advantage:

    Compare to traditional conductive fabric, mesh width 15um, more thinner.

    It's mainly and widely installed for industrial and military LCD, precise instrument transparent window etc.

    We could provide metal mesh film with adhesive, this can make whole LCD monitor more thinner and more fashional.

    Besides supply metal mesh film to market distributors, we also sell film to SIEMENS, Honeywell, LG, Parker etc famous big companies.


    Silver mesh film , single silver is easy oxidation for exposure in the air.

    While our shielding layer structure is vey stable, namely silver/copper/nickel.


    Three Models For Choice


    EMI-85Mesh(sheet size 550x1050mm)


    EMI-125Mesh(sheet size 550x750mm)


    EMI-250Mesh(sheet size 550x750mm)


    Thickness: 100micron

    Metal Mesh PET film can come with adhesive on pet side, OR without adhesive, depend on customer's requirements.


    Technical Data Sheet



    item unit



    Model EMI-125Mesh Model EMI-250Mesh Detection method Remark
    Thickness Protective film μm 20~40 20~40 20~40 ASTM D374 Material:PE
    PET film μm 100±5 100±5 100±5 Material:PET












    Optical pressure sensitive adhesive
    Release layer μm 38±5 38±5 38±5 Material:PET
    Mesh shape   Quadrate Quadrate Quadrate    
    Mesh width μm 15 25 25    
    Mesh spacing μm 300 200 100    
    Visible Light Transmittance % ≥78 ≥65 ≥40 GB/T 2410-2008

    Surface resistance

    (conductive side)

    W/□ ≤0.6 ≤0.3 ≤0.2 Four point probe resistance instrument
    Adhesive force(conductive side)   At least reach two-grade GB/T 9286-1998
    Gum peel strength g/25mm ≥100 GB/T 2792-1998 For glass panel
      resistance variation % ≤30 65℃,90%,100hours ΔR/R0
    Light transmittance change % ≤5 ΔT/T0
    Shielding Effectiveness   In30MH~3000MHz attenuation value ≥35dB In30MH~3000MHz attenuation value ≥40dB In30MH~3000MHz attenuation value ≥50dB GB12190-2006 Window 300x300mm

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