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Hardcoated EMI Film MRI Window Film

Hardcoated EMI Film MRI Window Film

    • Hardcoated EMI Film MRI Window Film
    • Hardcoated EMI Film MRI Window Film
    • Hardcoated EMI Film MRI Window Film
    • Hardcoated EMI Film MRI Window Film
    • Hardcoated EMI Film MRI Window Film
  • Hardcoated EMI Film MRI Window Film

    Product Details:

    Place of Origin: China
    Brand Name: prochema
    Model Number: WSLDM85B

    Payment & Shipping Terms:

    Minimum Order Quantity: 20 Square Meters
    Price: USD+4.5~3.5+Square Meters
    Packaging Details: Carton packaging
    Delivery Time: 5-8day
    Payment Terms: L/C, D/A, T/T, Western Union
    Supply Ability: 1000+Square Meters/month
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    Detailed Product Description


     The new generation of WSLDM85B electromagnetic shielding film has natural product vision, no distortion of dynamic and static objects, and the shielding film has no grid feeling and no color difference. Innovatively optimized in both the selection of metal mesh width and the grid angle arrangement, which can ensure high shielding efficiency meanwhile obtaining maximum light transmittance.            


                          Hardcoated EMI Film MRI Window Film


    The change of material structure promotes the shielding film minimize the occurrence of interference fringes on the LCD surface. New structural scheme effectively protects the metal grid. The strengthened treatment of the surface of the polyester film enables the shielding film to achieve 3H anti scratch.




    1,Physical Parameter

    WSLDM85B electromagnetic shielding film is produced by silk screen and laminated technology. It has high shielding efficiency and light transmittance. It can be easily applied to existing display screens and touch screens. The special structure treatment and scratch resistance function meet the shielding requirements of construction projects. Highly transparent and undistorted visual enable it is preferred material for window shielding. Thicker wire diameters are reserved on both sides of the film during the production process to facilitate grounding treatment.


                              Hardcoated EMI Film MRI Window Film


                                      Hardcoated EMI Film MRI Window Film


    2,Product Structure Diagram

    WSLDM85B shielding film improves the structure of the film. The alloy wire mesh is layered between high transparent polyester film and pressure sensitive adhesive. The polyester film is strengthened to achieve 3H anti scratch, which has a good effect on protection for the intermediate alloy wire mesh, resist external hard objects scratch.


                                      Hardcoated EMI Film MRI Window Film


    3,Material Thickness

                                     Hardcoated EMI Film MRI Window Film


    4 . Product Performance

    1,Shielding Effectiveness

    Principle:As an electromagnetic shielding product for EMI/RFI, the core function of WSLDM85B is that it contains a continuous dense alloy grid inside, which ensure excellent shielding effectiveness.

    Testing Basis:GJB6190-2008 Shielding effectiveness of EMI shielding materials

    Measuring Instrument:Signal generator AV1464B

    Spectrum Analyzer E4407B


                             Hardcoated EMI Film MRI Window Film


                           Hardcoated EMI Film MRI Window Film

    2,Internal Resistance Test Method

    Put the shielding film on a dedicated internal resistance test module for testing.

    Measuring Instrument:Square resistance tester

    Square Resistance Tester Model:DMR-1C


    The lower the resistance, the better the conductivity of the shielding film and the higher the shielding performance.

    3,Environmental Protection Characteristics

                         Hardcoated EMI Film MRI Window Film

    4,Acid And Alkali Resistance

    Acid-base test: prepare 2N hydrochloric acid, 10% sodium hydroxide, 10% sulfuric acid solution etc.

    Sample preparation: pressing and curing the shielding film

    Soak cross-cut test: Soak the sample in the solution for ultrasonic cleaning at room temperature for 10 minutes. After taking out the sample to dry, observe whether the appearance of the surface is discolored, and use 3M tape to do cross cut test.

    WSLDM85B test result:All qualified.


                      Hardcoated EMI Film MRI Window Film

    5,Salt Spray Resistance

    Salt spray test conditions:Salt spray test chamber, 5% sodium chloride aqueous solution, temperature 35℃, 72 hours.

    Sample preparation:Shielding film 100*65mm.

    Evaluation items:Surface corrosion rate.

    Result: salt spray corrosion rate is 0%, the result is qualified.


                            Hardcoated EMI Film MRI Window Film

    6,High Temperature And Humidity Resistance

    High temperature and humidity test conditions: constant temperature and humidity test box, constant temperature 65℃, constant humidity 90%RH, 7 days (requires drying 120℃*3Hour, or 160℃*1 hour.)


    Sample preparation: Shielding film pressing and curing (Shielding film internal resistance test module10*30mm)

    Evaluation item: shielding performance (resistance change)

    Result: After high temperature and high humidity, the resistance of the shielding film changes less than 1%, and the result is qualified.


                        Hardcoated EMI Film MRI Window Film

    Product Specifications And Storage

    1,Size :1.1m*200m

    2,Storage Conditions

    Original storage: storage at room temperature


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